Monday, March 23, 2015

Ride For Lyme

I want to share with you all an exciting event that is happening between May and June 2015!!

Daniel Coroso and Tanner Cookson from St Catharines are embarking on an 8,000km bicycle journey across Canada to raise awareness and funding for Lyme Disease in Canada.  Because of the controversies surrounding chronic/late stage Lyme and the impossibility of receiving treatment and diagnosis here in Canada, media attention, public awareness and doctor education is very important.  Funding for research to find a definitive diagnostic tool and better treatment options is badly needed as our government has so far chosen to put very few resources into anything Lyme related.  What these men aim to do in honour of a friend who is suffering from Lyme is very admirable, and appears to be well thought out and structured.  I wish them every success and, Lord willing, an opportunity to change the prospects of others who will be infected with what is currently one of the fastest growing vector born diseases here in Canada.

It would be wonderful for all of us who are touched by Lyme Disease whether directly or indirectly to support this endeavor!  If you would like to sponsor this ride, raise awareness or hold a fundraising event please check out the details on their website:

 Tanner and Daniel (used with permission)

From the Ride For Lyme blog:
We are two men driven by the opportunity to live a dream and change the lives of Canadians who suffer with Lyme Disease. LD is a debilitating disease that the Canadian Health Department does not recognize, diagnose, or provide treatment for. The thousands of Canadians infected are misdiagnosed, denied the proper treatment, and are ultimately forced to self-diagnose or go out of country and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for proper care. Our mission is to change that.

The Adelaine Project is an 8,000 km bicycle journey across Canada through which we will bring attention to Lyme Disease and those suffering from it. At sunrise on May 12 of this year, we will depart on our bicycles from Victoria, British Columbia with the goal of reaching St. John’s, Newfoundland by July 7. Along the way, we will be stopping in each province at local news stations, schools, and events to meet with doctors, politicians, victims and the general public to promote our mission.

We proudly dedicate our efforts in the honour of our dear friend and inspiration,  Adelaine Nohara.

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