Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Basic Diet = LOW (lots of work...)

With thankfulness I am noting some slow improvement in my physical abilities lately. I was 'crashing' and spending a day on the couch about every third day a week ago and this past week I have only had to spend one day recovering (today is my second).

For some reason I am always hungry and continue to lose weight.  I have been trying to focus on strengthening my core through physiotherapy and exercising on my recumbent bike 3 times a day when at all possible....

Sleep continues to be huge issue for me.  I mostly manage to fall asleep but am awake consistently at 3:30/4am and do not fall back asleep after that time.  Often I wake up once before this time as well.  This only gives me about 4 hours of sleep in a row, which is not enough to be restorative.  Sleep is very important to healing so I will be trying some different sleep aides (again...) to see if I can find one that allows me to get into a deeper sleep. What a blessing sleep is - another thing we take for granted when it is not an issue in our lives!

I am still struggling to control the swelling and bloating which is caused by digestion problems and an overgrowth of yeast in my intestines again.  I am back on medication to control Candida, and I have completely cut out fruit and sweeter vegetables until I stabilize again....I don't think my digestive enzymes are working so I will be looking into switching types and see if that helps control the inflammation a little better.

The basic diet is going well - I am constantly hungry which causes a lot of extra physical work as each meal has to be cooked from fresh produce.  I am slowly figuring out a routine and with the help of friends I am beginning to prepare and freeze as much food as possible in advance so that my days are not overwhelmed with preparing and consuming food.

 Multi-tasking. Preparing my almond milk and cutting up vegetables while administering IV antibiotics

Almond milk must be made from scratch as I react to the guar gum and sugars found in commercially prepared milk.  1 cup of soaked almonds will produce 2-3cups of almond milk and 1 cup of almond flour which can be used to make my 'bread' so it is well worth the effort!

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