Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Tuesday 1st July 2014

Yesterday saw a pretty big setback for me.
I have been cruising along nicely with treatment, picking up in energy, less pain, improvement in my joint strength.  Yesterday I woke up and tried to take a swallow of water.  To my horror I realized that my throat was closing up and my epiglottis so extended that I was practically swallowing it!  Because I am not able to be treated for Lyme in Canada we were in a bit of a panic.  Drive 1.5 hours to the States for help or risk emergency room locally?  I was having trouble breathing but my symptoms appeared stable so we hurried off to Buffalo to seek help from my doctor there.

The doctor has concluded that I have developed a yeast infection called Candida.  It is a common side infection from being on high doses of antibiotics and brought on by an inadequate amount of probiotics and triggered by any form of sugar.  Apparently the blueberries and raspberries on my 'safe list' were not safe for me to eat!  I also suspect that the fructose in one of my supplements has contributed to the problem......

Doctor P was able to reduce the swelling in my throat with anti-histamine and we have begun treating the yeast infection - which has spread through my body (produced by an overabundance of yeast in the intestines - it seeks the opportunity to reproduce abundantly when the immune system is repressed through antibiotics).  Unfortunately this is a nasty infection to treat and will set us back a few weeks.  It also means that we are unable to attack the co-infection Babesia, which I contracted along with Lyme, until  this has cleared sufficiently.  So, I have a few more medications to add to my repertoire.... As my immune system is not working very well at the moment I will need to stay away from people with colds or viruses or smokers.  Please don't take offense but I can't afford to catch any other illnesses right now. 
I have also knocked all fruits off my 'safe food' list, which now leaves me with certain vegetables and meats that I am allowed.  I have lost 10lbs in 7 days.  The doctor has now given me a 4 day rotation diet which gives me only about 5 options daily of foods that I can choose from.  Eating is no longer fun and I often feel nauseous.  Coupled with my lack of energy, I do bare bones cooking and just try to get through the meal.  Food has lost its appeal but it is necessary to keep up strength for treatment and recovery.

**FYI - THIS WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING ``PANCAKE`` THAT I HAVE EVER EATEN.  I choked it down (after all it was fuel that I needed for the day) but I will NÒT be making it again in the future or adding it to my Lyme diet cookbook....**

We stopped by the Grand Oak market in Vineland as I had been told they sell sugar and gluten free products. We had met the owner/chef and his wife at a wedding about a month earlier when we sat at a table with them.  The chef sat down with me for over 1/2 hr to chat about meal options and ways to spice up cooking.  He showed Eric some techniques and gave us a heap of vegies to take home!  Isn't it amazing how God directs the small details?  Meeting with Jan-Willem and Jane gave us a boost and renewed commitment to find ways to be creative with food on such a limited diet.  

....my favourite day - beef!!

Eric has put in an astounding effort to help me with my diet and managed to make eating (fairly) delicious and fun - despite all the restrictions and blandness of the food....XOX

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