Sunday, November 30, 2014

Increasing in Strength

With great thankfulness I am able to report that I am increasing in physical strength!  I have been working on physiotherapy and spending time on my recumbent bike every day for the past 7 weeks and I am noticing a huge improvement in my physical stability and strength.  In the past these exercises have induced further exhaustion and fatigue rather than improving my abilities so I am cautiously excited as I begin to notice my endurance increase weekly.  I find I am able to push my body where formerly I could not, and enjoy the challenge of again working the muscles that have wasted - this time my determination and diligence is producing results!
I have also been able to walk with much more stability than before and can keep up a fairly good pace as I do a daily walk around the neighbourhood!

The children are enjoying doing more physical activities and are so excited to see the results of the many months of treatment!  We are enjoying doing some more 'normal' activities together.  I got a little ahead of my abilities when I kicked the soccer ball around with Damon and strained my hip and knee joints but with rest and care I am fine again and am reminded not to let my heart coax my brain into allowing me to do something before my body is physically able....

Unfortunately,  I have also been experiencing an increase in muscle cramping on the left of my spine, from my neck down.  My left side has been weaker over the past few years and seems to be flaring up again - including my MCP (thumb) joint, requiring bracing from time to time.  I need to schedule rests during the day and use heat packs to relieve the rock-hard knots that are forming in my thigh, back and neck muscles.  Today the muscle twitching returned, this time for most of the day in my left abdomen - wearing my body down with its incessant flickering.

After two improved weeks and a welcome relief from Bartonella Brain, by this afternoon the heavy 'brick' brain fog has returned, and with it the crazy feeling of being so very easily overwhelmed with thoughts, people, chatter, children, noise.  An acquaintance with Lyme disease has likened the mental shut-down and overload that follows to something like the way one with autism would feel - which is why I seek quiet and peace to ease the pressure and stress... I am hoping and praying the pressure in my brain and the increase in physical pain and exhaustion are caused by herxheimer die-off from treatment or the remaining Lyme continuing its cycle through my body.  These are Lyme symptoms so I am trusting that in continuing my treatment regime they will not remain for long.  We have just begun to integrate our two youngest children back into home full-time and it would be very disappointing to have to give them up again.

Jer 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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