Monday, August 11, 2014

Herxes and Hugs - Week 7

I figured when I went to Buffalo on Thursday that the doc would probably want to do UV light therapy on my blood.  Indeed she did, and yes I could expect my toxin levels to rise as it boosts my immune system and kills bacteria in the blood.  Two syringes of blood are stolen from my body, added to a saline bag and run through a UV light machine and put back into my vein.  FYI according to the doctor my blood looks good (whatever that means..).  
Since treatment on Thursday afternoon I have been weaker and sicker.  The doctor sent me home after light therapy and trialed me on a couple of bags of saline and some other concoction to flush my system should I experience a Herx reaction.  They did indeed pick me up after running them through on Saturday.  Unfortunately, although not as bad as Friday/Sat, I am still fatigued/nauseous/headache/pain/blocked ears etc. again today.  The good news: So far after the Herximer reaction has passed I have come out the other side of the few rough days feeling better than I did before it began! Something to look forward to - for sure! 
 I will talk to the doctor and try to convince her to allow me to reschedule my appointments for Tuesdays instead of Thursdays as we like to have the children home and I like to be well enough to attend church and enjoy time with my family/friends on the weekend.
 Damon slipped in the shower last week Friday night - requiring stitches in his chin.  So I suited up (my immune system is not functioning properly so I need to be very careful not to catch a virus) and we settled in Grimsby ER for the night.  Why do these things always happen on weekends?

Because my immune system is not as it should be - I have to be very careful with the food I eat (see my rotation diet page for more info on what I can eat..) We introduced tomatoes and corn this week and I developed blisters in my throat.  I am assuming they are from the tomatoes as they can be quite acidic so we will take them off the list for now and carry on with the basic ingredients that my body can tolerate at this point...
Our gorgeous children. So happy to have them home for the weekends, and so thankful for the care they are receiving with the Deboer & Bos families. THANK-YOU!! As I am noticing so much improvement in my physical function I am itching to have them home again. When I experience a herx and am overwhelmed with keeping my medication/feeding schedule/appointments under control I realize we are not ready yet for our energetic little ones to return home full-time.  I cannot give them the care they need at this point yet but I am trying to make things as streamlined and organized here as possible so that we can work towards managing that goal!
In the meantime, they are well fed, happy, and content so we praise the Lord for that, and for the families who have given them a stable and loving short-term home....xox

p.s. ...another FYI - when I went for a purposeful walk with my muscle stimulators on the other day I noticed that my gleut muscles are engaging when I walk - they have not done that voluntarily yet in the past three years.  It was amazing! I am so thankful for this progress - I am sure I was grinning the whole walk and kept my hands in my pockets so that I could feel them working...hehe...too much info?

 "All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God." 2 Cor 4:15 


  1. We continue to remember you, Eric and the kids in our daily prayers! Thankful for the progress we can see and we pray that each day you gain a little strength! It really is amazing how far you have come in the last 7 weeks, even through the ups and downs. See you soon!
    Derek, Amanda & Kids

  2. We are always praying for you Rose and are very thankful for the progress that is made. Also we pray that God give you patience being away from your children so much as I can't imagine how much that must hurt. Remember God has a plan for u! All our love... Andrew and Bernice